Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Answered Prayers!

Sometimes, my prayers are spoken with determination. ..thought out and with passion. Sometimes, my prayers are just tossed up to God as if He may think it silly of me to even ask. 
I believe he really cares.
I have seen Him answer prayers.

Just a couple of weeks ago, right before her Junior Year, my daughter,  Emily had to end a relationship with one of her very good friends. They both knew it was for the best, but it was still a very difficult thing to have to watch her go through. Because they had been such good friends the previous year, they had arranged to have many of the same classes together this year.  Her school schedule arrived in the mail and it was just as the two of them had planned. The night before the first day of school, Emily began to panic. She realized that the only friend she knew in her lunch period was this particular friend.  Immediately, I jumped into "fix it" mode. I asked if there was someone I could email. Was there another class that she could take this semester that would enable her entire class schedule to be changed?  Was there anyone or anything else she could think of to keep from having to eat lunch in the bathroom...or worse...with this friend?
She began texting, tweeting and facebooking to find out if there was anyone else in her lunch period. I was trying to keep from becoming undone. My husband, after realizing what was going on, simply said....Just watch! Pray... and watch! And that is what I did. I prayed that God would provide another friend. Someone that maybe Emily had forgotten about...someone that maybe needed her friendship. I cried out prayers...and I tossed up prayers...all night long.
The next morning when I arrived home from working night shift, the house was quiet. I thought about Emily eating her lunch in the bathroom....alone. I prayed some more. When I woke up from my long nap., I had a text from my husband. He had forwarded the message that he had gotten from Emily earlier that morning. This is what it said....
"God is soooooooo good and crazy. My schedule was changed!"
I was amazed. When Emily got home from volleyball practice later that night, she told us the story of how she sat down in her homeroom class. The teacher passed out a copy of everyone's schedule. She looked at her schedule and noticed that it was different from the one she had gotten in the mail. Some of the classes were switched from one semester to another. She quickly looked up her lunch period and saw that it had changed too. She then asked everyone else if their schedule had changed. She found no one! She said that is when she felt it...she knew it....she got the biggest, silliest smile on her face, then she started crying! 
We talked about how the God of the Universe, the same God that spins the Earth on it's axis....came into her classroom and changed her schedule. She had honored Him with her relationships and He did not want her eating lunch alone.  He wants to amaze us and show us His wonder. He wants us to tell other  people because that shows how mighty He is!

I am convinced......We have not,  because we ask not.
God is sooooo good and crazy!
I believe in answered prayers!
Believe with me!


  1. That's our amazing God doing amazing work among us for our good and His glory!

  2. I'm so glad it worked out for Emily; the end of this post totally made me smile. What a beautiful illustration of His faithful love for us!

  3. I just got chills! Amazing. So glad it worked out for Emily.

  4. I am just crying big tears...
    God is wonderful!

  5. I love this idea -- and I love this post even more.

    Excellent thoughts. :)

    Good is great, indeed.

    xoxo, B.

  6. I got chills reading this....so happy for both of you!

  7. Same as some said above, this post gave me chills. It's amazing to see God working in our lives. How can anyone doubt Him when something like this happens?! Love it so much for her. I'm so glad everything worked out.

  8. So glad that this happened for her throught her belief in God. Amazing!! hugs, cathy