Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wish you were here...

This is the photo that my husband sent me yesterday. It was attached to an email that said, " The view from  my run across the top of the Cooper River Bridge...wish you were here!"

My husband was away on business. He travels a good bit, but it is only once in a blue moon, that he has to be gone overnight. I looked at this photo and was happy for him.  I did not feel sad or sorry that I wasn't there.  Sure, I agree, Charleston would be a super fun place for the two of us to get away to for a little while, but... he had a quick job to do and I had too much going on here to leave.  
As I looked at this photo, I knew he was sincere in his wanting me there. That made me happy!  What made me even more happy was the fact that I /we are lucky enough to have him home almost every night.  
So many wives and moms are having to face the trials of life, simple or hard, mundane or exciting, without their husbands. I know many women who see their husbands only on the weekends because they travel extensively or literally live in another city during the week.  We are so blessed and thankful for our life as a family!
While he wishes I was there with him... I am so glad he is at home with us!

Sharing what makes me happy!
I hope you are enjoying what makes you happy too!


  1. this is so sweet jen! and i think of this often as i am juggling homework and a three year old, not to mention bedtime!! thank God i don't have to do this alone!!
    thanks for the reminder
    have a happy day jen

  2. so sweet! and i can't believe i haven't been "following" your blog? well, i am now!

  3. Love this, Jen. Ivehad several significant reminders to appreciate my marriage lately!

  4. Very sweet post Jen. I have the same sentiments you expressed here. So lucky that Kevin is home each night, even if he does work some long hours. Kevin also tells me he wishes we were with him when/if he is out of town, and I know he truly means it. Beautiful photo too!

  5. Such a sweet post Jen. I have one of those friends whose husband has an apartment out of state and is only home on weekends. He may make a ton of money...but she has raised 4 kids on her own. I am so thankful my husband is home with us too. I often say that I would rather he work at McDonalds than be far away everyday.