Friday, June 1, 2012

This and that...Contact lenses and Weight Watchers!

Today is Friday! The ending of a busy week! The beginning of a busy weekend!
Isn't that how it is this time of year?

We have been working hard to get ready for Field Day, finish projects, read enough to get our AR points, study for exams and find books and things that need to be turned back in to the teacher at the end of the year.

We have been looking everywhere for another car for Emily. Apparently it doesn't take much damage to total a car that didn't have much value in the first place. We did get a nice settlement from the insurance company, but finding another car is just wearing on me. Why is that people don't list the mileage when selling on Craigslist...or they wait until you get to the dealership to look at the "just right" car to tell you that the car has a salvage title. Ugghhh! David is driving to SC today to check out another. It has only been a couple of weeks, but with all of the places she has to would really be helpful if we could find something soon.
  On Wednesday, I joined Weight Watchers. I know it sounds really weird, but I have my reasons. Since working night shift, I have gained about 12 pounds. That has been over 3-4 years. And since Emily has started working at Chick-fila, she has gained about 10 pounds. Surely, there are other factors at play here like age, metabolism and laziness. My plan was for both of us to join together. To learn about healthy eating, how to read labels, and how to make the right choices. Turns out, she is too young to join, but she is allowed to go with me anytime. So we are both counting points and tracking our activity. Both of us have a goal to lose about 10 pounds. When we got home and started looking through the material, we determined that the free meal she was eating at Chick-fila every time she worked...was costing her...45 points. That is eye opening for sure. It is about choices.  I hope not to obsess here on my blog about this Weight Watcher endeavor, but I am hoping to see some changes... even though I feel like I am eating all day long.
My son has decided he wants to get contacts. He is 13 and I guess he is ready, but I am not sure how it going to work out. I did not get contacts until I was in my 20's and I had a really hard time at first. At least we will have the summer to work through the kinks.

Two very lovely ladies in my extended family died this week. They were both in their 90's and leave a wonderful legacy. Their funerals are today nearly 4 hours away and in different cities. Another time of year, I would have been able to go, but I just cant get away.

Swim Team season is in full swing. The coaches have gotten nicer and Zac is enjoying paling around with his friends after practice. Now, If he could just keep up with his goggles.
Tonight is the beginning of the Flag Football tournament for Jonathan's team. It is single elimination and the first team will be tough. It may rain, but if not, we will be there and hoping for an upset.

Today, I have many errands to run, and a dirty house to clean. I also have to get in some activity points, so I better get to it before it gets too hot. I hope your weekend is fabulous and if yours are already out of school....Happy Summer!


  1. Weight watcher's is a great way to realize how much our choices can affect our health. So many hidden surprises in so many foods. Good luck with your busy day! My 12 year old has been asking for contacts for awhile now. I've been putting it off, but her glasses are not great for V-ball. Hopefully they work out for both of our kids : )

  2. My sister swears by Weight Watcher's. She says it has made a huge difference for her.

  3. has so many good recipes with ww points to go along with that site!
    Sorry about the two family members.

  4. I'm intereested to hear about your WW journey. Good luck! We're winding down the school yr here too. The end can't come soon enough. And BB got contacts on her 12th birthday. She's not allowed to perform with her glasses so she was dancing "in the dark." ANd then When we went skiing that year and she couldn't put her goggles over her glasses...and skied blind, I realized we needed them. I thought it would be really hard b/c she wouldn't even tolerate getting drops put into her eyes, but she wanted it so much that she pushed through her fear and she was an old pro in days. Good luck!

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    1. Just saw this....huh?
      Where do these comments come from?