Friday, May 11, 2012

"Finally Friday" and a few words about Middle School.

The 3 years that comprise middle school absolutely fly by!
Jonathan is about to complete the 6th grade. Only 2 more middle school years to go.

We have a neat and unique situation in our family. None of our children have been or will be in middle school at the same time. Each one has middle school all to himself or herself. When Emily started middle school, which starts an hour later than elementary school, we worked out a plan to have David drive the early route and I would take the later route, which at that time meant I had Emily all to myself. We tried very hard to protect this morning drive from carpool requests. Occasionally we would drive one of her friends in if they missed the bus or had a special need, but for the most part, we had each morning (about 20 min) alone to chat, sing, play radio talk show games, review Social Studies questions or Spanish terms, and just be together. I treasured our mornings.
When Jonathan started middle school this year, I knew it would be the same. He is more reserved and laid back in the mornings. He is not as chatty and is not too worried about studying at the last minute. There are no radio talk show games during the few minutes that we drive in, but the one thing that we both look forward to is the Friday Song, which is played every Friday morning at about 8:10. We turn the radio up loud and sing and celebrate the upcoming weekend!

Finally Friday by George Jones on Grooveshark

This morning was no different....and it got me thinking about these 3 special years. Middle school, as awkward as it is, with its hormones and growth spurts, band instruments and car lines, will always hold a special place in my heart. One where I will remember each child as an individual without the fighting and feuding in the backseat. One where our conversations will be just ours, as silly or a serious as they may be.  Of course, my children do not see it this way at all. I am just their driver....and they think we are just driving to school. But I know it is more than that...way more! At least for me it is anyway! 
Live intentionally and enjoy it!

Happy weekend and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Love how you protected the time aLone!!!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. I've been feeling like I just want to stop time these days. This past year has been one of my favourites. Trying not to think about what the future holds.

  3. i remember how much i treasured that same time with little ladybug once her big sis started kindergarten all those years ago - and just last year it started again when middle school brought a later pick-up hour for big ladybug - i too have rejected any 3:00 carpool offers b/c i really treasure that alone time in the car/at home with my "baby" until big sister's 4:30 pickup ... so i definitely 'get it' - glad you do too :)

  4. Jen this just be my favorite post ever.
    Have you ever heard the Trace Adkins song "Just Fishin'"? Not sure if you like his music, but listen to the song, it sums up what you just talked about.
    Enjoy those precious few minutes together.

  5. Jennifer,
    I love this post! The time we have with our kids is so precious and I want to make the most of every moment. Thanks for the reminder!! I am truly blessed to call you my friend!

  6. I love that you are enjoying this time. I try to really enjoy any time I get with my kids individually, it is so rare! I'll be that song will always have a special place in your heart (and his!)

  7. It's like you read my mind here. This is the first year of middle school here too. I've so enjoyed having a little extra time w/the BB in the mornings. The part that I LOVE is that you protected yourself from carpools. I am so entrenched in a ballet carpool that is such a help b/c class is about 45 minutes away 4x/wk, but also a major source of my frustration. I so wish I could just bow out and have that time alone with BB.