Thursday, April 26, 2012

Visiting The Varsity!

We had been to Atlanta several times before, but we had never been to this historic landmark.
We didn't go...because we didn't know!
Now we do...and so do you!
Each year, we head to Atlanta for one of the biggest Volleyball tournaments of the season.
In the past, we have seen the Georgia Dome, toured the Coca Cola Museum, visited the Aquarium, and toured CNN. This year, the week before we left,  I was talking to a patient of mine and during our conversation, she mentioned that she had just moved here from I asked her if she had any good ideas of new places we could visit. After she offered all of the places we had already been, she and her husband both said, "Well surely you've been to The Varsity!"
We had never even heard about this place.
It was fabulous and huge. We were there at about 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon. I kid you not....there were at least 400 people in the place. Amazing! It was very retro and made you feel as if you had stepped back in time. There were many rooms to seat many people. The room we chose to eat our lunch in was set up like a classroom of old desks. The kids thought it was awesome.  The hot dogs, BLT's, french fries and milkshakes are super good. My favorite of all...was the shaved ice in my yummy sweet tea! Oh yes!
From now on, when we are near Atlanta, we will be sure to stop by The Varsity again.

Have you been to The Varsity?
Do you love a great hot dog with chili and slaw?
You should go!
Today I am linking up for alphabe-Thusday. I am hoping that Mrs Jenny will accept my combination post  for "V" and "W".  WHERE to go while in Atlanta....and VISIT the VARSITY! You should join the fun over here!  
 Jenny Matlock


  1. How fun! I love a good coney dog...but never had coleslaw on it! Sounds yummy...and messy! I think it's great that you guys try and visit new places when you are in different areas!

  2. I love finding places like these. When I saw the pictures I thought this restaurant would be the kind of the place featured on Diners and Dives. A fav show of ours. If we are ever in Atlanta we will remember your endorsement!

  3. My husband and i grew up in Atlanta, and the Varsity was our hangout when we were teens! There is nothing better than two all-the-way dogs and an order of rings! When we go back to Atlanta, we always go there at least once! Great photos, Jen! Made me hungry!!!

  4. Looks so yummy! And saved ice, oh yeah!!!

  5. I love old-fashioned places like this!!

  6. Way to go for combining V and W! Now I'm hungry...

  7. So fun! I went to Atlanta last year and did all those other things you said, the CNN, Aquarium and Coke factory, but I haven't heard of the Varsity.

  8. That smothered hot dog certainly looks good!

  9. omg, i'm ALL about this place!! the genuine retro vibe, the delicious diner food, my goodness the shaved ice alone makes it worth the trip!! great find :):)

  10. this place does look amazing!! my parents live not too far from atlanta, i need to pass along the tip:)
    i am feeling quite hungry now though thanks!!:)
    have a happy day jen
    it really is all about the ice for me!

  11. I do love a great dog! Next time I'm in Atlanta, I'll be all over it!

  12. I have heard of this place but have never stopped there. The next trip to Atlanta I will have to check it out.

  13. shaved ice! YUM! sounds like a great place!

  14. I LOVE places like this!!! I want to go!

  15. Wow... A classic Drive-thru...

    I really Want to visit this place...

    Wonderful post for the letter W.

    Thanks for linking.