Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Really Sweet Sixteen! be sixteen!
Driving away all by herself for the first time!
Silly girl...signed up to work on her birthday!
While she was at work, a few of her sweet friends decorated her car!
When she came out...this is what she found!
And when she got home...this is the mess we found!
We should have known that the inside of her car would match the inside of her room.
Whew! What a big day!
The DMV, a lunch date, red velvet cup cakes, the bank, the shoe store, work, making her brothers help her clean out her car,then driving them around the neighborhood and to volleyball practice!
The life of a sixteen year old.
It makes me tired!

Enjoy your weekend!
We have a huge party to pull off!
Can you say stressed?
Today is alphbe-Thursday! R is for Really Sweet Sixteen! I think that may be cheating a bit!
Come on over and join the fun.
 Jenny Matlock


  1. She's adorable. Sounds like she had the perfect day...well, maybe minus the work.

  2. She's beautiful! Happy Birthday! I love how her friends decorated her car. That is so fun.

  3. What a sweetie! Sweet Sixteen - I hope she enjoys every minute!

  4. She looks like she loves life! You're only sixteen once in your life:) Relax after her B'day bash!

  5. What a great memory. I love friends like that.

  6. What FUN friends she has....and what a girl to work on her birthday!
    Happy Birthday Emily!

  7. Oh sweet darlin', I do remember these days!!!

    This Ozark Farm Chick popped over from that sweet Miss Jenny's place to say 'Howdy' and found a party over here! Woohoo!!! Let me give that beautiful birthday gal a big old hillbilly shout out....


    Ya'll have a blessed and beautiful weekend from the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa!!!!

  8. What a sweet sixteen, indeed!!

    Love that her friends showered her with love. ..

    That she took her little brothers for a drive, priceless!

  9. awww!! What a great birthday!! I don't know how I'm going to handle mine getting their licenses. That is a scary, scary prospect.

  10. Hey Jen, we just drove right thru your neck of the woods on our way back home from vacation in FL ... so was yesterday the big day?! My niece in Charlotte turned 16 today, we can hardly believe it - where does the time go?! Your beautiful birthday girl looks so happy in these shots - and how blessed she is to have such wonderful friends to surprise her like that ... I love it!!

  11. Good birthday! Love the pix.

  12. Happy Birthday! I remember being 16...sort of...doesn't really seem that long ago. Sigh.

  13. She's adorable! I remember my first drive away from my parents like it was only it's more like 39 years ago. Boy how time flies. I also remember when our daughter got her license. All we saw of her after that were her tailights going down the road.~Ames

  14. I think the fact they start driving is stress enough without all the rest!

    What a busy and fun day for her.

    She is really a lovely girl!

    I can hear the smile in your writing.

    Thanks for sharing her with us...and a happy belated birthday to your lovely girl!


  15. What a sweet 16! It does sound tiring though!