Monday, February 13, 2012

Today is Monday...and life is lovely!

Lovely looks like many things....

My husband's twin brother is visiting from out of town for the week. He moved away at the beginning of November. The two of them have not been away from each other (until now) for many years. I am happy that they will have time to spend together catching up and just being together.

My work schedule is changing. For the past nine years, I have worked almost every Saturday and Sunday night 7pm until 7am  as a Weekend RN. This past weekend was the last one. From now on I'll be working 2 varying nights a week. I am getting used to the idea of being away from home on a couple of weekday order to reclaim my weekends and especially my Sundays (previously sleeping all day) to spend time with my family.

Tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, my brand new dishwasher will be delivered and installed. I am as excited as I was when I got my new vacuum cleaner last fall. We have been trying to decide whether to fix it or replace it since right before Christmas. I have not been appliance shopping in that I have, I want to replace them all.  Not good...not good at all.

Winter has acknowledged my request and sent a little cold air our way. Now if he could muster up a  little precipitation, we would be...oh so... happy. Our sleds are hanging in the garage...and we have several boxes of hot chocolate mix waiting in the pantry!

And....the Girl Scout cookies that I ordered will be here this week. I am super excited. Emily was a Girl Scout way back when and even though I am glad I will not be the one making the deliveries, I am happy that my Tagalongs and Thin Mints will be delivered to me! 

It's the simple things that make life lovely...even on  a Monday!
Enjoy your week!


  1. Sounds like some exciting things going on in your life Jen- Happy Monday!

  2. exciting week. especially with those Girl Scout cookies. I have a serious problem with keeping those Lemonades in the house.

  3. awww yay for your dishwasher and your husbands brothers visit!! I never realized how close I was to my fam until I moved away from them!!

  4. Congratulations on your new schedule... change is always hard, but it will be so nice to have your weekends back again!

    On another note, I LOVE that little vintage looking vase that your flowers are in! Very cool!

  5. i love this post, jen - life really IS lovely ... especially when there are thin mints nearby :)

  6. It sounds like life is good in your world...thin mints and new dishwashers are lovely!

  7. This is such a lovely post! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Oh wow! What a change that will be for you. I'm betting you will love your new schedule and having your weekends free. Enjoy it!