Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking the training wheels off of my not-so-new camera!

Some of you may remember the day I sold my Dad's old camera equipment...and bought my new fancy camera. You all were so supportive of me...even though I hated to part with those pieces that had meant so much to him. I knew he would rather me have something I could use rather than the complicated equipment that I had kept up in my closet for 8 years because I was too intimidated to learn anything about it.
My new camera has been great. I have been able to take some fabulous and beautiful pics of my children and I enjoy the look of pics taken indoors without that blasted flash. But...this year I am wanting more. I read Dana's and Kim's blog. They have grown so much as photographers. I want to grow too. I want to capture more of what is really there...just like they and so many others of you do.  
There is a great website I have come across.  It speaks directly to my learn to take better pictures!
Chimpsy is the name. They are offering a free service here where you can subscribe by email and they will send you tips and instructions to get you moving....without "the training wheels" of the automatic setting.
Does that scare anyone else?
They also offer lots of classes that you can attend in person or online.   The prices seem fairly reasonable, but I haven't done much shopping around. It also appears that they advertise on Groupon and Living Social....which can lead to some awesome savings and super deals.
To read more about all that Chimpsy has to offer...go here.
Let me know what you are learning.
I hope to be sharing some of my new tricks soon too.


  1. Good for you Jen! I have no tips I am the only one left in blogland without an slr! I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is my year to get one! :) Thanks for sharing that website....I hope you share more of what you are learning!

  2. I think it's great that you are getting some really good pictures. I love that you sold your dad's old equipment....I think that makes your new camera even more special and meaningful, kind of like his old camera lives on through your new one. I have a lot of my dad's old things, and they are special, but they meant more to him. I just love that I have the memories. Looking forward to hearing about what you learn through that website!

  3. I bought my "good camera" a few years ago.... and still shoot in auto.
    I promise myself (a lot) that I will do better-- and don't.
    I'm going to check out the links you suggested and maybe I will follow your lead! It is something that I REALLY want to do... I just never take the time to do it!! I am going to try though, it was actually on my 2012 goal list!!

  4. Sometimes starting is the hardest part. I stumbled upon the AV setting and saw what my pictures looked like without the flash and I was hooked. Then I started to read my little manual bit by bit and I was off. This sounds like a great site. I'll be checking it out. I still have so much to learn. That's whats so great about photography. It never gets old!

  5. Good for you! I love that bike pic! I hate the indoor flash too and am slowly learning a few things here and there. I would love to take a class, but never make the time. I am off to check out that site - thanks!

  6. Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by! Our profiles are very similar! My husband and I are high school sweethearts also, I like to run but not far, and I use too much creamer in my coffee. :) You asked about Furman- my husband went there and loved it! And I always loved getting to visit. The campus is beautiful! And the people in the South Carolina are some of the nicest you will meet. If you haven't taken a tour yet- go! ...I will definitely be checking out this camera tips site you mentioned. We're saving up for a fancy camera now! Have a great week! I'm following and will be back to visit often!

  7. awww...thanks for the shout out! I swear the online community is the best place to learn. I haven't heard of this site. I'll have to check it out. There are also some great online photography classes you can take. I found that when I take a class (online or in person) it forces me to actually follow through. I need that push. After that, it's just keeping your camera out and ready at all times and just keep practicing.

    GOOD LUCK! Keep us posted about how it's going for you. I'm excited to hear...and see your progress. :)