Monday, December 12, 2011

It's like a scene right out of "Christmas Vacation!"

We love Christmas lights.
We love to decorate the outside of our home with lots and lots of lights. The kids would love to add some inflatables and a Singing Santa, but we haven't made it happen yet!
Every year, we have issues with our electrical outlets. Our house is not new. It has electrical outlets that do not stand up to the high tech needs and demands of this generations Christmas Light Display requirements.
Each year, if it rains, the lights go out. The bathroom outlets power off and everything has to be reset.
This year, we added some retro big bulbs to our display and every time we run the microwave oven for more than 30 secs, the kitchen outlets trip off.
 Every year, my husband rants and raves and declares that "Next year, we are not doing all of this!...We'll just put up a few little wreaths on the windows and be done with all the trouble!" I try to remain calm knowing that this two shall pass....and it wouldn't be Christmas around here without the lights and the crazy outlets...and the fun memories of running outside to the breaker box so that someone else can finish drying their hair...or heat up some left over spaghetti!
Jolly times!

And the famous scene from one of our favorites...and a Christmas classic....
Christmas Vacation!


  1. My husband grunts the same thing every year and we just have white lights around the perimeter!!
    My son is 3 and he would LOVE your house! ...My husband, on the other hand, would just be thankful we aren't neighbors! [Maddox has no idea that there are way cooler homes at this point!!]

    I am Holly by the way!
    (I came over from Nicolle'd blog... or maybe Kerri's... I can't remember?!)

  2. Love that movie. . .it never gets old!

    And I love your house! David is very methodical and all our lights have to match, but I kinda like your take on it:)