Thursday, November 17, 2011

Can you believe...a sewing license?

In just less than 5 months, she will have her driver's license, but last week she got her sewing license.
She made this announcement at dinner last week! She is taking an Apparel class at school. So far, she has made some really cute things. In order to get the license, though, she had to thread the sewing machine all by herself. Yikes!
Her class recently took a field trip to a fancy fabric store 45 min away. She spent more money than she should have, but she got some really cute stuff. Her upcoming projects consist of PJ pants, boxer shorts, an apron, and a new camera strap cover for me! Yay!
Maybe I'll find a cheap sewing machine on ebay or Craigs List and let her teach me!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. don't even get me started on the sewing, it's something that i soooo wish i could do - i can barely manage a button repair!, sheesh! you're very lucky to have a sewer in the house, that stuff is so cute!! get that machine, girl, and have her teach you for sure!!

  2. Wow. How fun! And good for her. What you've photographed is terribly cute. It's fun to see our kids passionate about things, especially things they can teach us. Good luck on the sewing machine hunt.

  3. Cute idea on the instructor's part to issue a "sewing license." I wish I had spent more time learning to sew when I was young. I've never gotten to the point where I can make clothes. I bet she will!


  4. Hi. Lovely pics. Can't sew a stitch anymore than I can draw or drive in a straight line. I'm just useless with my hands. I think that's why I write...Something to do with my hands.

  5. Oh so cute. I love to sew but don't get enough time to do it.I think it is a great skill, it has helped my short self hem many a pant leg, not that you tallies have to worry about that. A driver's license?! Yikes!

  6. Being a quilter of almost 30 years, and wondering if sewing is fading away, it is so gratifying to hear that another young sewer has entered the world of fabric and fun projects. It will open entire new avenues for her - keep the encouragement going!! (And it is never too late to start!!!)

  7. We had to take Home Economics in Jr. High when I was young. I am so thankful for that base. I don't make garments much but it has come in so handy with my costume designing and fabric art.

  8. The things she made are so cute!! She's so talented!

  9. very cute post! I love the button book!

  10. NO WAY!!!!! Now that is a class I seriously hope the BB will take in HS. Did EMily sew all of those things in this pic?!? Awesome!!! She is going to be so grateful when she's older to have learned this skill. Keep us posted on what she's making.

    And, yes. Get her a sewing machine. Pronto! :)

  11. Yes, get that girl a sewing machine - quickly! Sewing is an underrated life skill and she's so very lucky to have learned it!

  12. Sewing is a great skill, she will have it for the rest of her life.

  13. Jen! How fun that she is learning this! Definitely a skill and a hobby to last her the rest of her life!

    Love her touch with the buttons!

    Very clever!

    Thanks for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "C".