Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall is the time to stock up on Blow-Pops!

For our family, Fall means sports.
Volleyball for Emily and soccer, baseball or flag football for Jonathan and Zac.
For is the time to stock up on Blow-Pops!
The colors are red, pink, purple and green...not exactly fall colors!

Let me explain. I am very competitive and a bit obnoxious,
I know you can't believe it, but it's true.
I have discovered that during big football games or very crowded volleyball tournaments, it's not such a problem, but with only a few people on the sidelines or in the stands, I can really stick out like a crazed fan or over zealous soccer mom.

As I was searching for this movie clip to illustrate my point, I came across many Youtube videos where unsuspecting soccer moms were video taped by total strangers...surely because they were much more entertaining than the game itself. Yikes!
Out of respect for other moms like me, I chose not to post any of them here!
Luckily I did not come across a video of myself. Whew....and lesson learned!
A few seasons ago, I happened to grab a Blow-Pop at the concession stand during a baseball game. Afterwards, I realized that during that game, I had been less vocal and more settled. I attributed it to the fact that the blow-pop kept my mouth busy, therefore less loud, obnoxious and over zealous.  Do you see what I mean?
Tuesday afternoon, while Emily's team played in the semi-finals of the Conference championship, I had an entire bag of suckers....I even had to share some with the other Mom's. It works for them too!
We do love our fall sports! And our Blow-Pops!
Enjoy your day!

I'm linking up to Alphabe-Thursday! Today's assignment was to write about the colors of fall. Join us at Jenny Matlock's blog for more fall fun!
Jenny Matlock 


  1. Great solution! I think that some of the hockey parents up here should try them.

  2. Oh my gosh this is hilarious. You rock on this one. I think all coaches should take your lead and hand a bag of these blow pop around to parents during sporting events.

  3. To me fall is the season to fall asleep during all winter and wake up in spring ! Or move to the other side of the world where spring just starts !

  4. Great idea! Although I think I would prefer Tootsie Roll Pops.


  5. You are too funny. I tend to be quiet. I get so nervous, especially since Eldest is a goalie. We are starting with Middlest now in Volleyball. It looks like that will be her sport. We love it too! So much fun.
    Have a great week Jen,

  6. Oh yeah!!!!! Funny stuff!!!!

  7. I just may have to get some of's season's fixing to start :)

  8. You are too funny. At least you are aware of your jest for sports.

  9. great post. hurrah for blow pops!!

  10. Good idea!

    My lads climb, so it's not competitive in quite the same way - thankfully!

  11. I'm thinking this is genius my dear! I'm the crazy Mom cheerleader for my son's football team. I got out my HS megaphone and bedazzled it and pulled out the ole pom poms! I'm not too bad except when the other team yells something like "Bring em down" I tend to yell the same thing right back but "Boys you bring em down harder"

    I can't explain why but it just gets under my skin when someone tries to yell louder. Kinda pathetic but you can't blame a mom for rooting for victory!

    Go Eagles!


    Oh, and I guess I'm going to have to start practicing the Easter Ears, Lepruchan hat, 2012 new years hat and even Cupids halo!

  12. OMG! I LOVE Blow-Pops!!!

  13. I can't imagine you being loud and obnoxious! Nice trick with the blow pops! I should have passed these out at basketball games when I was an official!

  14. great strategy, I love it!! i'm more of a tootsie pop fan myself though ;-)

  15. Too funny! You're one of those moms? Never would have guessed. This summer I'll have to video crazy freak mom on our swim team. She is SOOOO over the top. I'm sure you can't be as bad. Can you?

  16. I love the way you think! What a fun viewpoint!

    It would have to be tootsie pops for me...although my husband just bites right through them and frees his mouth to yell way too quickly!

    Thanks for the smile and for linking up to Fall Break!