Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Sweet Young Life!

Emily has a great life! 
We say it all the time. 
Oh to be her! 
To get to do the things she does....
to eat whatever she wants...
to look great in anything....
and to get to go to Young Life camp!
What a life!
Wondering if she even knows how great she has it!
Surely...she must!
Enjoy your day!

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  1. Wow, what memories she will have! Looks like so much fun!

  2. Ahhh the good life...especially eating whatever you want and looking great in everything...(darn teenagers!) Emily is such a pretty girl.

  3. Young Life is such a great organization. Glad she got to go to camp. It will be one of her best memories growing up I'll bet.

  4. Ah summer camp... I remember it well. Looks like

  5. for some reason my comment posted before I'd finished it...

    I was saying

    Looks like she had a great time.

  6. What great pictures. . .there is nothing like a fun week at camp!

  7. so true, jen - looks like the summer i used to have way back when ;-) great pics, what fun!!

  8. She is so beautiful. I am sure she knows what a great life she has, if not, she will surely look back on these days as some of her best ever! What wonderful memories for her. :))

  9. This camp looks beyond amazing. It looks like it threw everything into the mix. I have great memories of Drama camp when I was a kid. It is the best of times isn't it?

  10. Oh my goodness, she is s lucky girl indeed. What an amazing looking place. Just think of all the wonderful memories she's creating. So fun!

  11. Oh, to be young again. I bet she had so much fun!!