Thursday, July 14, 2011

"M" is for Makeover!

Last week, Emily was away at camp! We had been planning a High School room re-do since last summer. We just never got around to it. We were determined to get it done this summer...before her second year of High School. I knew that it was going to be a huge project. Many things needed to be packed up for safe keeping and many more things needed to be purged forever. I thought in order to get the most done in the shortest amount of time...I would have to do it while she was away! I am very glad it is over! I am so happy with the result.
 When she left for camp...her room looked like this....except even messier!

She returned home from camp to find this.....I wasn't home...but David said she said, "Oh my gosh! What do we have in here?" She called me to tell me she really liked it. I think she really does, although, I need to teach her how to go on and on about some things to make the other person feel super good!
Much cleaner, less clutter....feels so much better! 
The pink middle school wall color was replaced with this cool 
really hip High school wall color. 
It is from Lowe's.... Valspar "Sea Lily"...It is even more awesome in person!  
So many magazines. These racks from Ikea should work for now. 
The basket holds the older issues!
I have a goal of keeping everything off of the floor. Hahhahah!
These hooks will help, but I realize I am living in a dream world of sorts! 
Still looking for a piece of artwork to go on the wall to the left of the bed 
and a new window shade or set of blinds!
And I would like to change the light fixture to something a little more fancy.
The comforter set came from...are you $39.00!
It is reversible. The pillow shams show the print on the other side.
 The desk chair and the jewelry hanger (Ikea) were spray painted black
along with the mirrors and shelves and wall hooks in the first photo.
What a difference $3 can make!
The mirror here was on clearance at Kirkland's for $11. Yay me!
 The little chest here was another Kirkland's find! The lid lifts off for storage. 
At the moment...there is nothing inside! Yay again!
The mirror was one we removed from our bathroom wall several years ago.
The rug and fuzzy pillow were in her old
 The bedroom door got a makeover too! 
A new coat of paint...and a sign! Just one sign!
So...there you have it!
The room makeover reveal!
So much better and more grown up. Do you agree?
Here's hoping all your summer projects are going well too!
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 Jenny Matlock


  1. So...did you get a picture of her reaction?

  2. A very grown-up transformation for her. I love black and white. It always breathes 'sophistication.' Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower.

  3. Love the green with the black and white!

    Isn't it fun to take some spray paint and transform things?!?!

  4. Wow! It's fabulous! You found some great items and made some magic!

  5. Fantastic. I love that she liked it without being there to help. My girls would hate everything I did, I'm sure.

  6. Wow, you put the work into this project! I sure your daughter, love-loves the transformation, right? =D

    Play Alphabe-Thursday tag. I enjoyed reading your “M” post today!
    Check out my recent posts….
    M is for Mermaid

    ~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  7. Love Love Love her new room!!! You did such a wonderful job on it!! :)

  8. I love it. The wall color is so pretty, so soothing. I bet she is in love with her new room! That magazine rack is great too. You did a wonderful job!

  9. Wow Jen, she is sooooo lucky! I'll bet all her friends will be so jealous. It looks perfect! My daughter would love to do a whole redo every year, she is so ridiculous. I love how you made everything so age appropriate.

  10. Emily's room looks fantastic Jen! I really like the paint color and the comforter together. It looks much more grown up now. I have been wanting to do something with our bedroom...which is a hodge podge of things cause we're always last on the list. I just don't know where to start. Maybe I should check out the comforter's at Walmart!

  11. WoW! This is fabulous!
    The after looks so much more grown up, more sophisticated. I love the magazine racks & of course you can't beat Walmart for its prices, although quality can be iffy sometimes (my wife & I are frequent shoppers).

    Great "M" entry.

  12. She will love this room. I love the "grown up" look to it.

  13. Wow! That looks amazing! I bet she absolutely LOVES it!!!

  14. I got a great honeycomb shade for my new bathroom window( BIG window) from and it is just perfect! Easy to install, too.

  15. great makeover. the black color really matures the room, very suitable for a teenager.

  16. Looks great!

  17. Wow, awesome, great job. I am super impressed and if you ever find yourself needing to do another makeover, give me a call. You are like House Crashers right, you pay for everything. :)

  18. Jen, What a good momma you are!You did an amazing job redoing her room! I love the ikea magazine holders on the wall. I really need some of them!
    Hahha! I want lots and lots of accolades from my boys too when I do things for them!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  19. What a fantastic makeover for the room! Love it!

  20. Oh WOW!!! I think it looks amazing!!
    The orange and "Sea Lily" compliment each other so well!
    We are moving in 2 weeks and I can not get enough of this before and after DIY stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. Hi Jen, I LOVE your daughter's bedroom makeover, great job!! I couldn't help notice your Southern Whimsy Sign at the end of the post. I LOVE Southern Whimsy! Oh and I live in Weddington, NC btw...small world!!

    Finding Fabulous

  22. love it!! I love a bit of black in any room!! Great job Jen!!

  23. It looks GREAT! WHat an awesome Mom you are! But I am doing a little *sniff sniff* thinking about being too old for pink.

    And I'm cracking up at your comment about teaching her to act more excited. It is an art. And it can be learned. Keep working on it. ;)

  24. holy cow, jen, this looks AMAZING!!! my older daughter is also growing out of her bedroom right now - we're using black and white accessories to give it a facelift ... but seeing this incredible transformation has me all kinds of inspired!!

    i can't wait to look at all the posts i've missed over here and see how your summer's going - 4 weeks has been a long time to be away - missed you, friend ;-)

  25. Jen! That is really a luscious color!

    I'm still laughing over your lack of training in the 'going on and on' department! You're so clever!

    The pops of black in this space are just brilliant!

    Thanks for the aMazing makeover link this week.


  26. LOVE it! You did a great job.

  27. This is such a great makeover and such a lovely, sophisticated room for a teenage girl!!