Thursday, June 30, 2011

Keep Swimming...just Keep swimming!

Wasn't it Dory that said it?
Finding Nemo is my all time favorite animated movie!
Now I'm saying it....Keep swimming!
My kids are saying..."I am NOT swimming next year!!!"
I really hope they will change their minds!


Tonight is our last meet of the season!
Zac is 1.42 sec shy of breaking the breast stroke record for the 8 and under age group. The record hasn't been broken in 5 point is, record broken or not, with effort and committment, he could be really good!
Emily has been swimming on the swim team since we moved into the neighborhood. 7 summers! I know it isn't her sport. I know she has other things she'd rather do. I know she doesn't like it when she doesn't win, but she is swimming in the same age group as the year round swimmers...and Monday night, she came in second place in breast stroke! She is such an incredible athlete....the speed and agility training sessions that she does for volleyball have conditioned her to swim faster too.  
I can't bear to think this will be either of their very last swim meet....but I will take it all in.
The timing, the horns, the cheering, the sharpie markers on their bodies, the candy and soda and more candy, the swim caps, the "where are my goggles?", the ribbons, the friends, the excitement, the fun, the pride and the moment in time...summer...childhood...memories.
I will take it all in...just in case!

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  1. Wow! I hope those wins keep coming. I have been wanting my kids to swim on team for a while too and they just won't do it. Punks! Don't they know how fun it is? Jeez. good luck to them at the last meet.

  2. Great swim pictures and congratulations on their awards!!

  3. Awesome swim pics..and congratulations on their wins!!

  4. Wonderful photos! Great summer memories. :)

    on the food bank/ramen noodles....if you dial 211, it's like an information number. They should be able to tell you where a food bank is close to you. :))

  5. How fun! It reminds me a little of horse shows, which my kids wouldn't do either.

    The ribbons, the food, the kids and horses, it's all fun!!!

  6. JDaniel is just learning to swim! I hope he can get to the level your family is on. Swimming seems like a safte sport to participate in.

  7. super Kool/Pool shots.
    way to go.
    I am tickled.

  8. Great pics Jen! I swam for 8 years and loved every minute...well almost! Breast stroke was my favorite. Sounds like your kids are naturals! I always hoped for a swimmer...but no such luck there. We haven't even made it to the pool once this summer.

  9. I love Nemo too. The kids pics look great and yes it is hard to say good bye to a sport and all the great people that are a part of it. Sport in any form is great for kids. Good job Mom!

  10. Lookin' good. They'll be doing the butterfly in no time.
    Yep, it was Dory and that is an awesome movie. Disney needs to come out with some more wing dingers like Finding Nemo because I darn near fell asleep during Cars 2.

  11. So funny that you just posted this one. Last night was our night meet. Started at 4:30pm and didn't end til 11pm. Made me wish my kids would GIVE UP swim team. I do love it, but when the meets drag on (one even lasted 8 hours) I just want to scream and find the nearest air conditioner!

  12. I hope they stay with it too, but not if they really don't want to....Still looks like fun:)

  13. Oh no. I hope it's not your last season either! Your writing today really made me recall when my son was a swimmer.

    I could smell the chlorine burning my nose.

    Thank you for taking me on this lovely journey today...memories of childhoods can be so bittersweet.