Friday, June 10, 2011


It's here!!!!
Ready or not!!!
Summer 2011!
Jump in fully and enjoy every bit of it!
What do you say?
I was born ready....I'm trying, I really am...
or I'm already starting my countdown to the first day of school. 


  1. Cute, cute picture!! I missed summer last year, so this year, I'm DEFINITELY jumping in! YOOHOO!!

  2. In another week I'll take your hand and JUMP right along with you! I think Emily must get her volleyball skillz from her mama. You look like you've got some technique going on there. :)

  3. Woohoo...we're jumping for summer too!

    No counting down to the first day of school! Not at least until August!

  4. i *love* your new header and the jumping photo in your sidebar...your family is adorable! :)

    Happy Weekend, Jen! xoxo.

  5. we're not quite at the jump stage, but we're crouching in anticipation of that big jump ... a half-week still to go up here - so close we can taste it ;-)

  6. You are too cute! We have one more ridiculous day of school. I can't decide if I should pamper myself all day or try my best to get the house in order. OY. My sister and her family arrive the same evening...for 15 days. Maybe pamper? LOL. Yes, I think I'll be counting down too....

  7. You look great girl. Love the colors you are wearing together. Bright and summery (is summery a word?).
    My summer has been kicked off with 3 extra kiddos to add to my 5. Yes, that's 8 kiddos in the house. There's no doubt we're jumping around here.

  8. you're soo gorgeous!!!!!!

    and yep we even have the sun a-blazing down in ol'blighty!!

    enjoy hon!!!

    melissa xx

  9. We are so glad it's summer as well, heat and all. There is just such a happy feeling in the summer! Love your photo here!

  10. What a cute picture! I bet this will be a wonderful summer for you all.