Thursday, May 26, 2011

Does this look like FUN to anyone?

If you think wet, dirty, slimy, syrupy and smelly are fun .....then oh yeah!
Super fun!
This was the scene last Monday at our sweet little town park....before it was trashed with a fabulous bash!
Young Life hosted the Ice Cream Olympics!
The nastiness that you see all over these kids is actually ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup! Now...that does make it sound more funish, huh?
I have no idea who took these photos. I found them on Facebook. I was actually forbidden to come anywhere near this event. I promised I would only be there for a few minutes to take pics...but oh no...Emily wouldn't have it. She has no idea that back in the day, I was the fun Young Life leader that the kids wanted to be seen with.  I'm sure that at this point, no one would have even noticed me....well, except for her. Right?

So there you have it.....slimy, wet, dirty, smelly...super fun. Have I convinced you yet?

And I must say...our lovely park was returned to it's pre Olympic state with no evidence of the trashing that had taken place. And my spell check is trying to convince me that "funish" is not a word, which I already knew...but I like it so I'm leaving it in there!

Enjoy your day!

Today is alphabe-Thursday!
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  1. My kids love doing this--but with pudding and a slip n slide. Ewww.

  2. Not my idea of fun, but obviously it was for you guys!!!

  3. Oh my rather a lot of fun!!!

  4. Not my idea of fun, either. But I guess I would be those girl's mom (like you?) Maybe in an earlier lifetime... They sure look like they're having fun! {:-D

  5. there was a time in my life where that would have been fun. That time has passed. ;)

  6. so so soooo gross, but i'll bet it's gonna be one of your daughter's most treasured memories of all ;-)

    PS ... took me 5 days, but i finally linked up to this week's walk down memory lane today ...

  7. I think if I was a teen ager I would love it, but now, not so much. Young Life is a great organization, glad Emily is having fun participating.

  8. yuck! but fun!!! (and I spy a Red Sox shirt!!!)

  9. Yup, I'm too old for that too, but my kids would be in heaven if they were able to slime themselves in ice cream.

    That first picture is so much fun. Their expressions are priceless. :)

  10. Yikes. Maybe there's something to ice cream as a beauty treatment for skin! They all seem to be glowing...or ummm.... would that be slimy?

    What a fun link this week.

    Thanks for the smile!

    Thanks for sharing the fun from a distance.


  11. Sticky but fun? I'm not so sure. Showers for everybody!