Monday, March 28, 2011

On collecting Vera Bradley...

Did you get in on the craze?
Do you have every piece in the collection?

I am a less is more type of person for the most part when it comes to those types of things...
so this is my Vera Bradley collection.
Yes! 2 whole bags.
1 for my clothes and 1 for my make-up, hairdryer,magazines, and other goodies.
Americana Red...I think...6 or 7 years ago...maybe 8 or 9.
My Mom bought them for me one Christmas. I am sure she could have bought me an entire 6 piece set of airplane ready, super sturdy, huge and roomy, last forever luggage for the price of these two beauty's.
But I really wanted these....everyone was getting them...and they were so pretty.

Emily got some too.
And hers were monogrammed.
A cute little sleepover bag to replace the purple Winnie the Pooh bag that she
had in second grade... and a little backpack for outings.

And we were good to go!

I still love to travel with my pretty bags,
but Emily prefers the more athletic 'Under Armour' or 'Nike' bags.
Good thing...'cause she needs the really big ones.

And then....this past was her 15th birthday!
I thought she needed a little something to put her driver's permit in.
She is not great at keeping up with things... I was afraid to spend the money...
but I found a fun new spring pattern. 
And is a cute little sleeping bag for her cell phone.
I'm pretty sure that with that treasure stuffed inside...she is sure to keep up with it now!

And the whole experience has gotten me thinking that it might be time to add
to my collection...with a nice new spring pattern, of course!

What about you?
Did you get in on the craze?
Happy Monday!


  1. I love Vera Bradley and have been considering starting my collections for my girls. They are only 4 and 5...

    I have the Sherbet pattern. I have several pieces. 2 Duffels, one Villager, tote style purse, a few different sized makeup bags... I think the only piece I am missing is the garment bag.

  2. Love that size for her...perfect size for the essentials!

    I think you need a new one too!

  3. I have nothing Vera Bradley, but thinking maybe I need to change that!

  4. I've never even heard of Vera Bradley. I guess I really do live out in the boonies here in Wisconsin!

    I do love the bags though.

  5. I like the bags, but somehow I missed the craze. Where was I? Probably in the hospital having a baby, knowing me.

  6. I know you are a "less is more" type when it comes to Vera Bradley. I'm more of a "I couldn't possibly have enough" type when it comes to Vera Bradley. Funny you should post about Vera, I just bought three new bags today. Large Duffle, Perfect Pocket Tote and a wallet in Boysenberry. I also bought a friend the lunch tote and a wallet in the new English Meadow pattern.
    I just love the patterns and fabrics.

  7. I would love to have a carry on bag. I have a purse and love it. I wanted to go to Fort Wayne next month for the big Vera Bradley sale, but I will be in Florida. I guess I'll sacrifice.

  8. I never caught on. I rarely even carry a purse. They just didn't look durable enough to survive me. (Are they?)

  9. Still using bags from promotional gifts we often get from Hubs. This was my first intro to Vera. I obviously live under a rock : )

  10. I love Vera too but I only have a few pieces I have received as gifts. I am too cheap to buy my own! I bought similar wristlets for my hubby's secretaries last year for secretary's day and they loved them. I love eyeing the new patterns. I have been thinking of getting a small one to take when I don't want to carry my big mom purse. Maybe this spring?

  11. hiya jen....they are still gorgeous!

    oh don't even start me on mine & Ella's {teen!} bag collection!
    nothing matches - but we use each and every one of them!!

    i make most of the totes...but the leather ones are special..bought on trips to remind us of a time together...
    my fave is a green one that the hubster bought me in venice...oohh did i fall in love with that gorgeous one!

    they're best with a story attached aren't they!

    melissa xx