Monday, March 14, 2011


Sitting in a fancy restaurnat...waiting for the waiter to divide 11 seperate checks...while 7 volleyball players laugh and goof off. In just 8 hours..they'll be playing again.

So thankful that we have the means to support her in this sport!
It's just one of the many gifts...on my way to 1000.

Subway sandwiches.
Friends that help out with babysitting.
Family opposed to hotel spending.
McDonald's oatmeal.
Bike rides.
A VW with great gas mileage.
Splitting a Starbuck's with the boys.
Goodwill deals.
Opening the windows.
A new candle with a spring fresh smell.
Sweet potato fries.
An evening with no where to go.
Volleyball sponsors and Nana too.
Homemade granola.
Dinner eaten at the table....together.
A little boy who is feeling much better.
Daylight Savings time!!!

So many things to be thankful for!
Enjoy this week!

holy experience


  1. I should do this also! It's always good to remind yourself of the things for which to give thanks.

  2. Love these, made me smile this morning.

  3. Love this! So much to be thankful for. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us.

    BTW...To Kill A Mocking Bird is my favorite book so far this year!

  4. dinner together. . .yes!
    open window. . .delightful!
    and sunshine. . .so very wonderful!!

    love this list!

  5. Lovin' your thankful list ;)

  6. Ahhh opening the windows...we're not there quite yet but I can't wait!

    Love family dinners all together, that's one of my goals to always do with our kids as they grow up, it's not always easy but totally important.

    Love your list! :)

  7. I clicked over from Ann’s Multitude Monday link.

    It’s Friday and there are still more lists to read. Today I finally got to yours. And because it should be this way all year round – and I don’t get why we keep switching back and forth anymore anyway – and somebody should just make a new rule - my favorite from your list is Daylight Savings time!!!

    May God Bless and Keep you and all of yours this day

  8. Love your list. Love Goodwill, a new candle, and sweet potato fries as well! :)