Monday, January 10, 2011

Tourney time!

Volleyball season has begun!
We are glad to be back into the grove of practicing and traveling with friends.
This weekend, Emily's team had their first tournament of the season.
We are playing at a higher level this year, so we did not know what to expect.
The team ended up in third place after 12 hours of volleyball.
Then we had to drive 3 hours to get home.
It was an amazing day, but very loooong!

This was our view for the early morning drive in. 
Piling up for a picture between matches.
Getting intense....needing to step it up a bit! 
 Warming up!
The boys played football, rolled down that big hill on the right, made new friends
and really didn't complain until the very end of the day! 
Of course, volleyball can get to be a little tiring for the spectators. 
The girls at this level learn to ref the games.
 Emily enjoyed her time on the stand. The game she reffed went to 31-30.
The game is supposed to end at 25, but because a team has to win by can keep going.
What a great group of talented girls and coaches.
We are looking forward to a wonderful season.

We are playing in the snow.

We are watching a BIG football game
and spending the evening with friends!
War Eagle!

Have a great week!


  1. Hey there, Jen and thanks for the visit today! What a great day for your daughter ... we have days like that work just like this for my daughter's sport too (figure skating), so I've been there too with the sunrise weekend outings that last aaaaaall day long ... it's so much fun for them but yes, looong for the rest of us!

    And, heck yeah on the War Eagle shout out ... I have all my fingers and toes crossed for a perfect end to their perfect season - what an AMAZING run!!

  2. We arre playing in the snow too! Love these pictures!

  3. Even though the ride was long, it looks like fun. My Emily is starting basketball. I haven't and won't say anything, but I can't stand basketball. She enjoys it though, hence the closed mouth.
    I'm signing my two oldest boys up for tennis. Paige and Jack will have swimming. I, of course, will be signed up as the driver.
    We had a day off from school due to all the snow we got. The kids were thrilled. Me too actually.

  4. you all have more snow than we do and we live in Wisconsin for goodness sake:)

    Glad the boys had fun too! It can make for a long day if the spectators aren't happy!

  5. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the v-ball pics!

  6. Am I the only one that doesn't know what War Eagle is?!
    Great pictures. I noticed all the girls have the exact same hair!

  7. what a loooong day! my dear daughter gave up the volleyball, even though I thought she had great potential. we will see what she decides, now leaning toward tennis! I cannot imagine ref'ing at that age~yikes! hope you have a great week Jen! hugs, Cathy

  8. I miss those days of team sports with my kids - it was great fun - even those long days!

  9. I loved volleyball once upon a time... =) still do... just can't play anymore.. =) fun sport!! I have never seen the ref up on a ladder thing like that before... times have changed... ha ha! Hope your daughter has a great season!