Thursday, November 4, 2010

G is for Google!

I just love Google!
I use it every day! Really, I think I do!

Recently I have solved a major Wii problem with the help of Google.
I have also repaired the garbage disposal.
I found out how to fold a jogging stroller...and print the user I could sell it on Craig's list.
I have searched the volleyball rosters for short college volleyball encourage my daughter.
I have found the lyrics to songs that my children sing in the car.
I have found great images to use for blog posts and school projects.
I have found recipes for making chicken wings...I haven't tried them yet.
I have been successful (sometimes) in finding info needed to self diagnose myself and my children.
And Google maps has recently won out over Mapquest for our case my GPS has issues. 
The list goes on and on.

I mean you can just type in a few words like..."Wii won't power on"
and within have a list of possible places to find the help you need.
And then...Bam....It's MLB Baseball on the Wii....again!

I also love the way the word "Google" is displayed differently from time to time.... Don't you?
Who is the lucky one that gets to decide...and what are the artists like...where do they get those great ideas?
I mean....

What do you Google?
~and what did we do before Google?

It's alphabe-Thursday again...and today we honor the letter "G."
To read more, head on over to Jenny Matlock's blog!
Jenny Matlock


  1. What did we do before Google? I've only been googling @ 2 yrs...and it was my son that first said "coud you google that"...and I had no idea what he meant! Good "G" word you picked!!

  2. What I like about Google is you can type ANYTHING in that little box and get..."Did you mean"....and there are pages of stuff that you meant or never dreamed that you meant! Great G word! I do like the way they change the Logo to fit the season.

  3. YES.. I used Google everyday too. In fact to make my blog merrier, I search Google to find beautiful pictures.

  4. I google product reviews, craft, and recipes. We love Google at my house.

  5. Yes I Google too, just about everything in fact it has become a fixed verb in our house

  6. That's the perfect G word for today ... 'cuz you're right - what on earth would we do without Google?! I use it every single day ... every time I have any question, that's where I go - heck, I don't even use a phone book anymore!

  7. what did we do before google- jen i am with you...

    over our time we've googled *how to remove red wine* which was spilt on gorgeous neutral matting in a beach house rental....

    we have found the most amazing greek house on a small island via the owners ramblings about the island...

    and we have googled "She has beautiful long wavey blonde hair" in german for an assignment before school this morning...

    all allieviating a huge red wine panic....a trip to a travel agent who would offer a package deal ...and a trip to the library after school and late home work handed in tomorrow!!

    brilliant post!

    melissa xx

  8. where else would I have discovered what a louse looks like???? and how many times do we say to our kids google it!

    Great G word!

  9. I'm so with you! Google rocks my world every day!!!

  10. There has always been Google. Stop trying to tell me that's not true. :)

  11. Google rocks!!
    Enjoy the day

  12. Google is awesome!!!!! I am getting ready to look for a coffee pot error.

  13. Google is like my crystal ball lol , shame on me but I use it daily and yes I love the different google adaptations they have .

  14. You are a breath of fresh air. I love stopping here and seeing what happy thing is occurring in your life. Thanks for reminding me how much I love Google!

  15. Google is awesome - I can't even remember what I used before we had access to it! I love that I can find anything on there - even answers to the most random questions. Just the other day, The Hubs and I were having a discussion about something we didn't know the answer to and in unison, we both said: "We should Google that." Ha!

  16. I love Google too but I think they're quietly trying to take over the world and somehow that makes me a little nervous! *L*

  17. We went to the library and opened an outdated book. La

  18. There is a lot to love for Google! It's one of the best things online..

  19. Let's Google it, or just Google it has become so common in our household I'm not sure what we would do without out it. We hav become so used to instant information, I don't think we even realize how it affects out lives. We are fans for sure!

  20. i swear i am on google a couple of times a day ... i love love love google!

  21. I'm googliey for Google, too. I was on Google a lot yesterday for both work, home, and fun. Go Google!

  22. I'm totally in love with Google too :) I find their search suggestions quite refreshing sometimes too!

  23. I don't know what we did before google!

  24. What a great post!

    I can honestly not remember what I did before google...dictionaries and encyclopedias only did so much...and I never seemed to have the right reference book on hand.

    This was a GGGGGGreat link to the letter G.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Googling!


  25. I love google too!! And google stuff....hence my including gmail in my post!
    Running late on my g posts....better late than never, right?!