Monday, November 29, 2010

Cheer over here....nope! I know why my neighbors went to get their Christmas trees this year...without their children.

Do you ever think to yourself..."What a great little family outing this will be." ...only to be disappointed by the arguing and shouting and disagreeing that follows?
Isn't picking out the Christmas tree supposed to be a family affair...a time to sing carols and drink hot cocoa and imagine the chosen tree in all its splendor?
Well, for us it is a time to run wild...pushing and shoving.... and climbing on fences and trees. A time of time-outs for 2 boys who can't control themselves. A time for the rest of us to agree and then disagree and then agree again. Too tall...too fat...way too skinny.... too bare on one side...No~ I like it...Let's just get the first one...Where is the first one? we have it. The Christmas tree!
It is in the garage...stuck down in a bucket, drinking up some water....waiting for us
to find the Christmas cheer we need to trim the tree in the right frame of mind!

Oh Joy!

What about your Christmas tree....artificial or real?
Tree farm or hardware store?
White lights or colored?


  1. We bought a fake tree to save money and the hastle of picking it out, then argued on where to put it. :) Guess we're all trying to stay on our toes with our attitudes so it is truly CHRISTmas.

  2. So funny! We had the same problems yesterday! We went to a lot that had cheap trees, and the kids argued so much we went to Home Depot and paid twice as much and the dang thing is spray painted green!!!!!!! Oh well, we have one and I guess that's the main thing. Ours is in the garage too. I prefer white lights, hubby likes colored. He and the kids decorate the big tree and I have a smaller fake tree that I do all by myself. I am such a spoiled brat!

  3. Oh I know how that goes!
    As far as our tree, I had to throw a little tantrum of my own to get one up this year. Right now I live with my parents to save while Im finishing school, and since my dad is working Christmas my mom decided she did not want a tree. Um nope not working for me. I really wanted a real one but I caved when she said I could put up the fake one. Oh and I am a white lights girl :)

  4. Oh Jen...I think we (moms) set ourselves up for disappointment lots of times! We want whatever we're doing to have such great special meaning and then we are let down when it doesn't go perfectly. This happens to me more times than I want to remember! Almost every year when we go to cut down our tree, Brady gets upset over the darn saw...makes me so mad!
    We have always done white lights on our tree...but the colored lights are really starting to grow on me! We do colored outside.

  5. I used to love picking out the tree! But alas I did not love the steady diet of Benedryl I had to be on while it was in the house.

    White lights.

  6. Jen, it goes pretty much the same way over here! Those Kids!!! They're lucky we Moms love them so much :)

  7. Hi Jen.

    Since Jordan is an only child, we avoid the fighting. However, we do have a debate over each tree. It took us quite a while this year to pick one out, but we both pointed at our tree at the same time. That's a good sign.

    We go to a tree farm to pick out our real tree and we decorate it with colored lights.

    Sending Christmas cheer your way! La

  8. hey! thanks for you comment :) i'm following you too!!

  9. so funny!!! after we found a tree this year i looked over at hubby and said, "no tantrums this year!" and from the back seat caroline said," and no whining!" and Cooper said,"no fighting" we actually made it through without any drama!!! we are just hoping the tree doesn't fall down this year!!!

  10. why is it it's always the times we imagine to be the most special that go the most wrong?! I know exactly the scene, I hope you can see the humor ;-)

    We don't cut our own tree, but we always go to the same local garden shop ... and we do colored lights. Can't wait to see yours all set up!! ps - love the holiday header!!

  11. PS. Love your new header too! I have the same greenery on mine...I did it end of October...but put the date on it so I'm waiting for tomorrow! Finally!

  12. sounds exactly like Sunday when we went to Lowe's of all places to get our tree. . .isn't that festive???

    I finally just gave up. . .

    I think your neighbors might be onto something!

  13. That is why we get ours out of the garage every year. LOL I was thinking next year of going to the Christmas tree farm...but maybe not.
    White lights for us.

  14. I totally know what you mean! Michael and Kyle want a white Christmas tree this year...ugh!

  15. Our house is tiny and a hassle to get a tree in and out of, so we opted for the fake "pre-lit" tree. I miss that heavenly green smell, but it makes our lives a lot easier. You wait - your kids will remember these times fondly, even though it may not seem so now.

  16. Obviously from the number of comments, this post hit a chord. I too have this romantic idea of us listening to carols whilst sipping hot chocolate, with The Agronomist smoking his pipe by the fire place. What I foget is that we don't have a fire place and The Agronomist doesn't have a pipe. So its all downhill from there : )

    Artificial with white lights. I like to put our tree up early, so a real one would never make it to Christmas.

    A great post Jen.
    And I too forgot to mention how much I like your new header.
    Looks great!


  17. Too funny! We went to a church lot, picked out the first one we saw, argued b/c nobody would "non-pose" for a good pic and brought it home.

    We did decorate it (white lights, baby! Although the kids think colored are way better.) a few days later and had a nice, cheery evening.