Monday, November 1, 2010

1000 Gifts....11-20.

"A dare to live fully...right where I am!"

A heart spilling over with gratitude!
Recording treasures, gifts, joys and graces....
in an effort to see all these things more clearly!

Fall festivities...and chocolate candy!
Pumpkin carving.
The dollar theater.
The right song at the right time.
Back door friends.
A Mid-term exam that brought a Spanish grade up!
Blueberry yogurt.
Funny conversations with Zac at the dinner table...and lots of laughing.
Clean kids in PJs.
Feeling better after feeling icky...and Excedrin!

Happy November!
Enjoy the blessings of today!

holy experience


  1. clean kids in PJs. . .one of my favs!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. you have to tell us where you came up with a 1000 gifts? a book? i think i live under a rock! i love this idea!! it hold us accountable for all of the good things in our life!

  3. is that your tree? gorgeous

    and I, too, love back door friends.

  4. my favorite is the clean kids in pj's ... and back door friends ;-) I love this series that you're doing, so fun to slow down and read your list - makes me stop and appreciate lots of the same things, too ...
    ps - did you take that pretty photo??

  5. Such simple things, aren't they? And yet they bring so much joy. We really require so little to make us really happy. Thanks for sharing those!

  6. Love these posts. I think that is the only way to live, to see the gratitude in every single day. :))

  7. That tree is Gorgeous!! breathtaking!

    love the gratitude list!~! this is the third one I have seen today! Beauty in the simple things around us is abundant!! ;)

  8. Love your list! It's always the simple things that matter the most to us in life...and sometimes we need to be reminded of that. This afternoon in my van, I heard the right song at the right time. I love when that happens!

    Oh yea, you're one of mine too! :)

  9. Super cool new header!
    I love that GIANT pen!