Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1000 Gifts .....21-30.

The Blessings Continue...
Friends who rent golf carts and take the kids for long rides!
Walking the dog....or really...being walked by the dog.
No more rain.
Green grass...because of all the rain.
Silly car-pool conversations.
Friday night ~ Family night!
Finding my sunglasses.
Being there to see him score his first goal! Yay Jonathan!
Nana...and Chinese take-out....and a full tank of gas!
Volleyball friends and a new Club season!

Trying to be mindful of the blessings that surround me...daily!

holy experience


  1. That's the biggest golf cart I've ever seen!
    Yay for Jonathon!

  2. That golf cart (or should I call it a party-cart?!) looks like so much fun!! I've been dragging for the past few days - this post reminds me to snap out of it - thanks!

  3. I love it when I find something that I couldn't. . .it happens quite frequently for me!

    Good for Jonathan. . .don't ya love it when they succeed at something they are learning?

  4. You have such fun friends! Love the photo. Love this post.

    ps...put the school project in the mail today, to Alissa...


  5. Yay Jonathan!!
    And yay for finding your sunglasses, isn't that the best!? Or was it right after you bought a new pair? :)
    Cool golf cart, looks like fun!

  6. I used to keep a list of the little miracles of everyday. It amazed me how much I had to be thankful for. Love your list.. so glad you found your sunglasses.

  7. LOVE that golf cart. Golf carts are a big thing in our neighborhood. We drive them to/from the beach b/c we're so lazy to walk the less than quarter mile across the street w/all our junkalunka. Our next door neighbors have an old red one like the one in your pic. It is a blast! I always joke we should just hook them all together so we can be like the Disney tram.

    And yeah on finding the sunglasses. Hate when I lose things like that.

  8. It is all about the little things isn't it? And that is some kinda golf cart! Wow!

  9. love your list Jen! you are a great reminder of staying positive! hugs, Cathy

  10. That is one serious golf cart! Love your list!