Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yard Sale Season!

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I love the thought of Yard Sales, but the thought of getting up at that early hour on Saturday morning to beat the crowds....that bothers me.
This past weekend, my friend invited me to go Yard Sale shopping with her in this very fancy smancy neighborhood...so I went. Emily was supposed to come too, but she didn't feel well the night before and I thought she needed to sleep in.

I had a small budget...cash...of course.
I was very happy with my findings.

1 Wii Game $5
1 Wizards of Waverly Place DVD $3
1 Gameboy charger (Ours was missing)   FREE 'cause the lady wasn't certain it was Gameboy...It was!
2 Really cute dresses...1 will be a swimsuit cover-up. $2 each
1 pair of Levis for Zac  $1
1 Guesstures Game (to replace our broken one) $1
1 cute photo frame $.50

Most everything has been put away..or put to use...or put into the washing machine.
But you gotta see this really cute $2 dress!
I still have a little cash left over. Maybe I'll head out early again this Saturday!
I hear this can be become addicting.
Have a great week!


  1. I used to love going to garage sales, haven't been in way too long, though! Congrats on your awesome finds!!

  2. We don't have any garage sales around here in the fall. I don't go very often but it's nice to score some good deals when I do. Super cute find on that dress.

  3. The yard sale season is pretty much done in this area...I wonder why it's a spring & summer thing here? I didn't get to go to as many as I would have liked! It is addicting...watch out!
    Love your little garage sale image! :)

  4. See this is so not right. I must have the worst luck or negative luck when it comes to Garage/Yard Sales. By the way...my daughter Emily and I call them Knuj Sales. It's just "junk" spelled backwards. And that is exactly what I find when and if I bother going. I never find cool or cute stuff.
    Cute dress.

  5. I can't get over how cute that adorable dress is!!! What karma you have, that's an incredible list of finds!!
    I must have been asleep at the switch about the postcard project for your son ... is it too late to put Massachusetts on his list?! Let me know, and I'll email you our info ... GREAT project!!

  6. WOW, you scored and that dress is way too cute, love it! XO ~Liz

  7. We have a big community one this weekend.
    Maybe I will have your luck!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  8. I'am a yard sale addict!! There is no better feeling finding something fabulous. LOVE THE DRESS/

  9. I am working on trying to get things in order to have a garage sale here. Just kinda waiting on the weather to cool off a bit too! I'm hoping to get rid of a lot of great stuff that we no longer need. I am also planning a blog sale with some very pretty dresses and nice clothes that I wore maybe once or in some cases never (Don't tell Bret, some of the dresses still have the tags!) Have a good one!

  10. I absolutely love yard sales. Especially in swanky neighbourhoods. I have to finish working on the projects from the last one I went to though. Thats the rule.

  11. Yes. yes. yes. It can become addicting. It's so much fun. I just wish they had them on school days so I could go w/out the ballerinas.

    Great scores you found!

  12. What an adorable dress and for $2, to boot! I haven't ventured out to yard sales yet, but I have started thrift store hopping lately, and YES, it can become addicting! Make sure to show us the spoils from next weeks yard sale visits!

  13. Love, love, love the thrill of the garage sale!!!

    Good job!