Wednesday, July 28, 2010

While we're away, our dog will...

Play piano...and cook...and clean...and facebook...and watch TV....and do laundry!!!
Say what?

We went out of town for a few days...again!
We left our dog, Gabby,  in the very capable and loving care of our fabulous neighbor and friend....Miss Kim!

Apparently, one day while we were gone, she and her children caught our dog doing some of the most interesting they took a few pics and made us a poster!

Miss Kim is just about the most creative person I know! Don't you agree?
Her family is going out of town soon....our family will be caring for their pets.
Hmmmm. Any thoughts?


  1. Too funny! I'm not sure how you can top that one - very creative!

  2. That's pretty funny. You will have to be pretty creative to outdo that one....

  3. How cute is that! Love all of those fun pictures and captions!

  4. What kind of pets? Maybe they would like to go to Blockbuster for a video and takeaway pizza. If it's hot out they might like to go for a swim.

  5. LOL! Seriously too funny, that was adorable!!

  6. wow. . .that is a hard one to top!!

    what a good doggie to work so hard while you were away!

  7. HILARIOUS! We took care of my husband's brother's dog last winter and emailed him one picture each day where his bulldog (a manly dog named Bruce) was dressed up in a different girly costume (fairy wings, tutus, etc) ... we all laughed so hard doing it each day, so fun - but THIS is a huge step further with the poster and the activities, I'm gonna have to remember this one ;-)

    btw, thx for your comments on today's post - we have much to discuss!

  8. Too funny. Can I borrow miss kim to watch my doggie? Please.

  9. "Changing my status to 'It's Complicated'."

    THAT IS AWESOME! What fun and funny neighbors. You've gotta come up with something good in return. No ideas, but good luck!

  10. Oh my gosh...this is soooooo funny! What fun neighbors and good doggie babysitters they are! I like washing the dishes and watching the kids play outside! Not sure how you can top this one!

  11. Topping this one is going to be tough!
    What fun friends
    Enjoy the night

  12. Ok, that is hilarious!!! I love that they took the time to take pictures and make that poster. Too funny!