Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take me out to the ball game....

Minor League Baseball Game..................Check!!

The music, the games, the $4 slushies, and the foul balls soaring up into the stands!
The best part...great friends with free tickets!

We are checking off that summer list! How about you?
Carry on!


  1. Looks like fun!
    Our list is getting checked off too!
    Enjoy the day

  2. I guess we need to get busy because we haven't done much of anything. Well, we have gotten really great sun burns twice, but that wasn't actually on the list, going to the pool alot is though.
    Our weather has been kind of crummy. Rain, hail and then too hot to set foot outdoors.

  3. What fun! We are headed to a game on Saturday as a matter of fact! Great fun with great friends! How fun that things are getting checked off of your summer fun list! We didn't do that but we should have!

  4. I LOVE baseball games! Good times, laid back fun :)

  5. Cute outfit Jen!

    We're getting lots checked off our list...probably by August we'll have nothing left to do! (yay! I'm getting tired!)

  6. Hope your list is getting shorter and shorter and shorter.
    See you found my friend Allyson. She's hilarious.

  7. How fun! I love a baseball game. Couldn't pay me to watch one on TV, but to be there live is so fun.

    Good on you for getting out there and getting to your list. :)

  8. Hi Jen and thanks for visiting me, it's nice to "meet" you!! I love your blog, sign me up! Being in Red Sox country, this "ball game" post is great - so fun and GREAT pics! ... btw, I see at least 4 familiar faces in your comments here, so I feel right at home! Hope to see you soon ...

  9. I've read a couple of baseball posts and how much fun they are. Unfortunately here in our smallish Canadian city we do not have any team. We are planning on a big league game during our summer holidays though.
    I have never been before, so looking forward to it.

  10. Looks like fun! I love minor league baseball games. :)

  11. We love minor league games. How fun. Check that off our list too.

  12. Looks like it was lots of fun!