Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer panic!

I am over here scrambling to come up with a plan! Summer is almost here!
I am not one to make lists....although I have the upmost respect for those who make lists and actually check things off!
This year, though, because of all of my bloggy friends and their great ideas.....our family has a summer list!
If you have already posted your summer list...there is a good chance that I have stolen a few ideas from your list to include on ours! I hope you don't mind!

We are amazed at how exciting our summer is the looks of our list that is!
Now ...if we can just get excited about making our beds, putting away our own dishes, keeping clothes off the floor (Emily), doing a few workbook pages, reading a book or two, sharing, walking the dog (me), taking baths (Zac), putting our trash in the trash can (Jonathan), and all of the other daily tasks that have to be completed first!

Are we ready?
Sure, we are!
Well, ready or 6 hours....our summer vacation officially begins!


  1. Good luck with your list. It sounds like you will have an awesome summer. I see some ideas on there that I sure would love to do. Can I make one of those even though I have no kids here to plan for? I could make an adult fun summer list!

  2. Love your list Jen!!
    And yes...I am feeling a bit like "Julie the Cruise Director" too! (thanks for the Love Boat flashback!!;) )
    Looks like you have a wonderful summer planned.
    We need to add zoo and skating rink to ours!!
    Enjoy the day

  3. Very nice. I love your writing, so nice and neat. My writing looks like a pre-schoolers. That's a mega list. Are you going to be able to do all that?

  4. YAY for summer, and looks like a fun list!! :D

  5. Oh yes, skating! We forgot that one! Your list is so nice and neat! So, today is your kids last day of school? I had a little breakdown today...not sure why the last day of school coming up is harder for me than the first day...I need to get a grip!

  6. Hi Jen...feeling a bit like a big blogging nerd!
    Love you summer list, but just realized that the "Julie the Cruise Director" comment on my blog was from another Jen!! in case you were wondering what in the world I was talking about! Sorry it was a long night!!

  7. I think I need to add Ikea on to our list. I love it (and haven't been there in so long) and I think my boys would dig it too.

    Oh, and they would be thrilled if I added shoot BB guns too!

  8. GREAT LIST!!!!

    ack! It seems like everyone is creating these summer lists. I need to get on the ball. Summer starts next Friday for us. I don't want to be left out of the blogging loop!

  9. you know I love the IKEA on there!! have fun! we still have a week to go here!

  10. love your list!!!! you guys are going to be busy!!! we still have another week of school here...and the kiddos keep adding to our list!

  11. Laura Mocanu6/15/10, 8:18 PM

    Hi, the kids and I love your summer list!! Now, we need to make ours!!