Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Toothless.... I wonder?

I know he is my third child, but I really should have known the answer to this question.
It was a Monday morning. The phone rang. It was Zac's first grade teacher. She explained to me that Zac and his good buddy had run into each other (apparently pretty hard) during PE class. Then she said, "My question for you is ...Has Zac lost his front tooth yet?"
I could not remember. Isn't that terrible.
"Why?   Has he lost it now?" I asked.
"Not completely, but it is very loose and it is turning gray." She said.

I called my husband. He seemed confident that the injured tooth was a baby tooth....but he did not sound convincing enough for me.
I called my dentist who is a good friend of our family.... and she could not remember either, and she had not taken any X-rays.
I looked back through my camera and my pictures to see if I had photos of Zac with his front teeth missing. I had snaggle tooth photos of my other children, but not of him, but I still couldn't be sure.
Then I asked my mom.
She immediately insisted that Zac had NOT lost his front teeth. She was certain! And she was right!
I went to his school to check on him and to run him by the dentist....just in case. Of course, since the loose tooth was a baby tooth, there was nothing that needed to be would fall out soon enough on its own.

So then...there was just me...wondering why I didn't know whether or not my own child had lost his front tooth.  His Grandmother had known, his Dad had known, but I had not known. And I should have.  He is my child for goodness sake. I have got to start paying better attention.

Still waiting for the tooth to fall out.


  1. Did Zac's teacher ask HIM? I bet he knew whether or not he had lost a front tooth!
    I just noticed the picture of all of you on the FUN! Did you just put that there?!

  2. Jen I would have been the same way! Don't beat yourself up! Cute post!

  3. You crack me up!! Of course he hadn't lost it Jen. Because then you would have remembered how the tooth fairy forgot to come & leave money! oh s so funny!

  4. Cut yourself some slack. This is not a lack of care or neglect issue. There's a lot more that parents have to keep track of and remember now days and whether or not they lost a front tooth is like sea level on the ol' priority list. Believe me when I tell you that if for any other reason, other than a injury, I bet you would have remembered. I can't even remember my own kids names and ages when I'm worried or under stress. Relax about big deal.

  5. Oh my gosh, this could have been me. I can't keep track either...and you know what? IT'S OK! As moms we have a bajillion tasks and things to remember!!

  6. Don't beat yourself up. You did a great job researching if he had lost it. I agree with Kerri, why didn't the teacher ask him? Duh! Kids always know that stuff. Take a breath and relax, it could have been so much worse.

  7. I want to know why this was such an emergency that she called you? I mean, don't first graders loose teeth all the time? Shouldn't she have a protocol in place for times such as this?
    Maybe I'm crazy . . .

  8. Hey! So glad you don't think I'm crazy. I think the teacher did ask Zac...he had lost about 2 or 3 teeth...and he probably didn't know which ones for sure. I think the teacher, who is super great, just wanted to be sure that if it was a permanent tooth, we got to the dentist asap. She really did tell me she thought it was baby because of the way it looked (tiny, no ridges), but with so many kids to keep up with she didn't want to assume and then have us in trouble later.
    And Cathy...the tooth fairy has forgotten to come to our house, sadly....and in case my kids read this...I am not the tooth fairy!
    Thanks for all your kind reassurances.
    :) Jen

  9. I am praying that my little guys teeth hang on until kindergarten after his accident a few weeks ago. They are still loose. What a cutie pie you have.

  10. I always get so embarrassed when people ask me how much the kids weighed when they were if I remeember...I just wanted them OUT!

    Great post!

    Thanks for visiting too-so glad I found you as I LOVE this blog!

    Best wishes,

  11. don't be too hard on yourself...I only have 2 and find myself forgetting things ALL THE TIME! Cute pic though!

  12. Oh no, poor thing, they must have hit hard! I only have 2 and they are 1 and 3 and I already forget things that I think I should are NOT alone! :)

  13. Hello, and Thanks for leaving me a comment on my "Things to do on Saturday" post the other day. And I think that not being able to remember about the tooth is normal, at least it's normal for me. Heck the tooth fairy that visits our house has forgot to visit more than once!! I feel so bad when my kids wake me up and they are so sad because the tooth fairy didn't come!