Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fan Club Flashback!

When I was about 10 years old, I had these posters on my closet door.
I watched Charlie's Angels every Wednesday night, after 8 is Enough.
 I  also loved the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.
 I was a huge fan!

My 11 year old son is a huge football and baseball fan!
He especially loves Brett Favre!

Here he is in his official Favre jersey.
He is showing off his Brett Favre biography that he wrote for his book club,
and the cool puppet that he made to show during his presentation.
He can tell you just about anything you want to know about this football mega star.

I was wondering...when you were young,
Who was on your closet door?
 Who were you a huge fan of?
What about your kids?


  1. How fun! I had ballet dancers and Madonna all over my room! (a bit to the extreme opposites don't you think?!) I was a dancer back in the day! My boys are HUGE sports fans...noone in particular, but Brendan's room is football with lots of University of Michinan & Dallas Cowboy stuff and Colin's room is baseball.

  2. Hey! I love Brett Favre too. I loved Eight is Enough when I was a little kid, but my "Rock Idol" was Rod Stewart. Can you believe that? I actually like his newer music, you can tell he's getting old, he's singing a lot of 1940s tunes and old classics.

  3. I loved CHiPs, Eight is Enough, Charlie's Angels, The Facts of Life. I didn't have any posters on the wall, though.

  4. hehe...I loved 8 is enough too. No posters here, but I did love The Cars, Foreigner and Journey back in the day. None of them are on any of my playlists today though.

  5. good stuff here Jen~you are taking us back down Memory Lane! You know how Don't Stop Believing by Journey is really hip & cool now? Well, my sister & I sang it over & over on our cassette player! & we would belt out the "born and raised in South Detroit" part be cause we lived in southern Michigan... as far as tv shows it would be Brady Bunch & then later Laverne & Shirley & Happy Days!

  6. No posters, but I was definitely an Eight is Enough fan.
    But then again, I watched a lot of TV in those days, so . . . My kids watch anything Disney or Nickelodeon, but my 3-year-old has to watch SuperWhy every day.
    What does that say about our family?

  7. I wanted a Lakers poster...but I was never allowed to hang anything on my bedroom walls! :(
    In highschool I was an official member of the Michael Jordan fan club! I got a picture and a newsletter in the mail each month!

    Your son's puppet is cute! Is he crafty?! :)

  8. Um - We TOTALLY LOVE BRETT FAVRE over here!!! {Are you guys in MN??} I can't believe that I have never clicked on you before! Mimi is my cousin from He & Me and Stacey is her Bestie so we have gotten very close!!!!

    Nice to meet you and I am now blog stalking as well....I love me some Vikings...Adorable boy!!! poster was NKOTB {NEW KIDS} YIKES!!! ;)

  9. shawn cassidy when I was really little, then I was sure I was meant to marry sylvester stallone when rockey came out! hilarious! blast from the past.

  10. i loooved 8 is enough tooo! what was i twith that show? i also loved literally any poster involving roller skates! what is that- i think i loved in mine for years- complete with tiny shorts and wild long hair! how cute is your son in his *kit* son is 9 and totally football obsessed...with the world cup looming he is in heaven and spends in life dressed head to toe in manchester united *kits*....i'd rather his walls be covered in his paintings, but he's a great gorgeous kid so if he'e surrounded by football stars i don't mind a peep...