Friday, April 9, 2010

50 Random are 5 more!

6.  I have never had a speeding ticket.
But, I have been ticketed for having expired license tags....twice in 1 week! Yikes!

7.  My husband thinks my driving is "too cautious"!
Does that sound strange to anyone else?

8.  I do not think America's Funniest Home Videos is that funny. 
I do not like commentators...I'm sure that's what it is. 
My family thinks it is hularious! Hearing them laughing is what is funny to me!

9.  DVD Players in automobiles are a dream come true.
I used to dream of watching tv on road trips as a child.

10.  French Fries dipped in Ranch dressing taste good and make me  happy!
Too bad nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Can't believe I am writing these things about myself.
To be continued,

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