Friday, October 21, 2016

How to host a Mug Swap!

The idea of a mug swap makes my heart happy. I love coffee and in my opinion, it always tastes better when served in a mug!

I am a nurse. I work night shift on a Mother/Baby unit and every year around this time, we get really busy! Think back nine months and you'll remember it was very cold.... and also -Valentine's Day! You get it! 

So to help us get through the baby boom season, we add a little pick me up to the regular work routine by having a secret mug swap! It's fairly easy to organize and everyone who participates seems to really enjoy it. This was our second year swapping and we had over 45 participants.

Here's how it works...
Invite co-workers to sign up to participate.
Match names randomly, making sure no one has themselves and no two participants have each other. 
If you are participating have an outsider do the match up and keep a list of who has who in case there are problems later.

Ask participants to post a list of their favorites and some ideas for their secret giver. Ideas include what they will use their mug for, their favorite candy, what they like to collect and other fun ideas. 

Then pick a period of time for the swap.
We play for 4 weeks. The first three weeks, you will get your secret partner a small treat (candy bar, stickers, notepad...)  and then during the last week, you will reveal yourself with a coffee mug filled with goodies! 

We set a dollar limit at 25.00 for the entire 4 weeks. Most people spend more...but at least they know the limit.

Facebook is a great way to set it up if you have a work Facebook group. The participants can post photos of their gifts and thank their muggers! 

Of course, this kind of mug swap would also be fun for neighbors, friends, classmates or any other community. 

Here are a few photos from our recent swap. 
A mug swap is a wonderful way to get to know more about your co-workers, boost morale, get excited about sharing with your work friends...and enjoy a new mug filled with yummy treats!

If you have participated in something similar at work or in another group of friends, please share your experience. What other ways have you found to boost morale or spark a fire when things are busy or mundane?

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